User Group Conferences

User Group Conferences are your opportunity to bring corporate clients, business partners and solution providers, together with account managers and product experts from your company into one location. They are one of the most exciting types of live event. Everyone is highly motivated to be there. Clients want to learn to learn what's new. Prospects want to be convinced by product experts and peers. Parters and solution providers want to demonstrate their value to Client success.

A true meetings program can take this to a new level.

MeetMax has everything you need to help you host your ideal User Group Conference - experience, support and most importantly the technology.

Generate Quality Leads


Challenge: Use the meetings between product managers and clients to generate leads for account managers.

MeetMax solution: For a big computer chip maker, each product manager was logged into the MeetMax App on the Meeting Feedback page. For each meeting, they could rate the quality of the meeting, and complete a detailed survey recording new product interests, business needs, and urgency level for each Client met.

Centrally recorded, this data could later be downloaded and imported to the CRM for account managers to use in follow-up calls. This process was more discrete in meetings, and less error-prone than the paper surveys they had used previously.

Make this easy for yourself

All in One

Challenge: You do one of these a year. You may not be professional Event Planners. This needs to be easy.

MeetMax solution: MeetMax can provide your entire registration platform for the event - registration forms, payment if taken, keynote and workshop sessions, profiles on products and partners, floor plan assignment for exhibitors, 1x1 meetings, the event App, and onsite badging and signage.

A single platform means you won't be wasting time with multiple vendors, moving data from one platform to another, testing the App separately from the main website.

You can even use our MeetMax Connect service to set up the site, run the meetings program, and oversee onsite badging - so you can apply your precious time to work with key presenters, exhibitors and product managers.

Promote your Ecosystem


Challenge: Partners and solution providers play a vital role in the product ecosystem. How to use the conference to promote their importance?

MeetMax solution: Provide attendees a page on Partners, and let the partners complete a rich profile about themselves - complete with fact sheets and product videos. Then allow attendees to schedule meetings with partners - and their booth, if you provide one, or at tables otherwise.

Attendees will get exactly what they need from the event - information on who can help them implement the products you provide. Partners will get new clients as a direct result of coming to your event.

Maximize your Attendance


Challenge: Make your conference website appealing and user friendly, and incorporate it into your event marketing activities.

MeetMax solution: MeetMax integrates with Salesforce and Marketo to track the success of your marketing programs, and guide next steps.

For smaller users, you can import your prospects as invitees and use MeetMax's email marketing to promote your event.

We can even help you with your SEO and PPC marketing, incorporating your tracking codes into MeetMax.

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