Technology Conferences

MeetMax is used by Industry-focused Events Companies - such as TWST Events, which hosts conferences on specialty technology these. These include Magnetics, Manufacturing AI, Scada, Thermal Management for devices, Smart City Security.

Industry-focused events have often been associated with Trade Publishing firms. The events are still content focused and feature keynotes and breakout sessions. A small exhibit floor typically accompanies the event. These events are wonderful forums for professional in the sector to meet up - and the challenge is to keep these events moving forward, and stay relevant.

MeetMax can help. As a fully integrated platform - we are able to offer features that might not have been available - like floor plans, booth selection, a mobile App, a 1x1 meeting prgram, content webcasting. This can can a smaller event catch up with bigger rival shows, and even overtake them.

Elegant Main Website


Challenge: We want an elegant main website that is much easier to maintain than a platforms like Wordpress.

MeetMax solution: For enormous events, a custom-designed website, or a website platform like Wordpress or Joomla can be good idea. Their range of content authoring and template markets can offer a lot of choice. However, platforms and templates of this kind can present a lot of bloat - slow loading and resources that are loded but not even used. And commercial templates are often not backwardly compatible. A site can break irretrievably if a plugin is upgraded and the template unable to handle it.

MeetMax offers an elegant website design, featuring agenda, speakers, sponsors and entry pages to registration (in addition to the registration that follows).

Create Unique Events


Challenge: We need to stand out. Its a competitive events market and we want to provide real value for attendees and exhibitors.

MeetMax solution: Add 1x1 meetings to your event is the starting point. A well-managed 1x1 program provides so much value to attendees and exhibitors. It removes the serendipity from their experience of the event, and let's them plan the event to create a real business trip.

Next - use the MeetMax App for your events. An elegant App dedicated to your branding and events - this is the most cost effective way to launch an app that can be used before the event to register, and onsite to create more meetings.

Third, consider Webcasting your panels and keynote presenttions, if not the breakouts. These can be made available for fee, as a supplement to revenue, or as a marketing tool to promote the following year's event.

Everything you need


Challenge: We want lots of features from our platform vendor - and the least amount of time on setup and data processing.

MeetMax solution: MeetMax can provide your entire registration platform for the event - registration forms, payment, profiles on partners, 1x1 meetings, the event App, and onsite badging and signage.

A single platform means you won't be wasting time with multiple vendors, moving data from one platform to another, testing the App separately from the main website.

You can even use our MeetMax Connect service to set up the site, run the meetings program, and oversee onsite badging - so you can apply your precious time to work with key VIP participants.

Marketing the Event


Challenge: We are not event marketing experts. How can MeetMax help us market the event?

MeetMax solution: We can provide multiple ways of helping you markting the event. If you use email marketing - we can create a dedicated email account for you, help design elegant invites, and let you communicate directly with prospective participants.

MeetMax is very knowledgeable about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay per Cick) if you need help and advice about setting up and tracking online marketing programs using Google Adwords, Tag Manager and Analytics. Allow MeetMax to create a home page for the event, a dedicated domain name and use online marketing beyond what you are doing now.

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