State Government Conferences

MeetMax is regularly used by State (and local) Governments to help run important events for state business. These fall into two categories:

Procurement: For transparency and god governance, States and Cities hold procurement events - ranging from Suppliers to specific departments, through to Suppliers that are Minority-owned, Women-owned, Veteran-owned. These events seek to expose such suppliers to the procurement departments that might purchase their services. They provide transparency into the procurement process, and economic assistance to specific types of Supplier.

Economic Development: Development events can include promotion of the State as a destination, and marketing of inward investment opportunities to domestic and overseas corporates looking to expand. Such events provide access to State managers and local firms to the outside interests looking to do business with the State.

MeetMax has everything you need to help you run a superior State Government event - with registration and the precise 1x1 meetings program you need.

Superior 1x1 Meeting Program


Challenge: Procurement and Development events are really valuable to us - how do we make sure the 1x1 meetings program really works well for our needs?

MeetMax solution: Meetmax's 1x1 meeting platform can be configured to run the exact meeting program you need. A procurement event will allow suppliers to create description profiles, and for procurement officers to schedule meetings directly, and suupliers to request such officers. Development meetings need easy access for the outside companies to request and meet the local resources that can help them.

For either type of event, MeetMax will ensure you have the right type of program, with different roles and access suitable to that program. Keep track of meetings using post meeting surveys, available to all attendees via the App. And after the event, you can run reports showing all meetings, and reports on meeting survey feedback - so you can measure exactly how successful the event was.

Flexible and easy


Challenge: We do very different types of event. Procurement events are simple and straightforward, Development events much glitzier.

MeetMax solution: A simple event, with limited graphics will allow you to run Procurement events very cost-effectively. A stored template for Procurement events will let you create and run any such event with fast and easy set up.

Development events may require a more elegant website, an App and a greater focus on look and feel. MeetMax can help you create the first such event, but thereafter, you will be able to create similar new events quickly and easily.

MeetMax is highy flexible and can be configured to run almost any type of event, with different roles and features. When creating a new event, simply reference the Template for that type of event, and MeetMax creates a new event that clones an existing one.

Maximize attendance


Challenge: We are not event marketing experts. How can MeetMax help us promote the event?

MeetMax solution: We can provide multiple ways of helping you markting the event. If you use email marketing - we can create a dedicated email account for you, help design elegant invites, and let you communicate directly with prospective participants.

MeetMax is very knowledgeable about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay per Cick) if you need help and advice about setting up and tracking online marketing programs using Google Adwords, Tag Manager and Analytics. Allow MeetMax to create a home page for the event, a dedicated domain name and use online marketing beyond what you are doing now.

Keeping to a budget

Challenge: As Government agencies, we do not have a huge budget.

MeetMax solution: Using separate vendors for different aspects of your event will add substantially to your cost. A vendor for registration, another for the App, another for the 1x1 Meeting Program, perhaps another for badging and lead retrieval.

This is expensive in multiple ways - each vendor will charge for set up and event management. You will send more time managing multiple vendors. You have the problem of moving data form one vendor to another. You are logging in to multiple vendors for reports.

MeetMax help you keep costs down. By providing a complete service, account and data management are minimized. Allow us to provide lead retrieval, and perhaps even a handling fee for attendees - and you have reduced your costs still further.

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