Partnering Events

MeetMax is frequently used for Partnering Events - events that run meeting programs between companies who wish work together. Examples include Biotech Partnering, Technology Partnering, Intellectual Property (IP) Partnering - but there are many other sectors in which partnering events work.

Biotech Partnering Events, for example, involve smaller biotech firms with primary research and novel IP, meeting with larger biotech and pharma companies that excel at drug development and distribution. The goal is to license IP. The two companies review profiles of potential partners, filter on key categories, and make meeting requests with companies they believe could be partners.

Technology and IP partnering events are similar in nature: companies with some data, IP, specialist manufacturing skill, or geographical specialty seek other companies who wish to make use of those skills.

MeetMax has everything you need to help you run a market-leading partnering event. Registration, sophisticated profile building, and the 1x1 meetings program that is right for your event.

A Great 1x1 Meeting Program


Challenge: How do we make sure the 1x1 meetings program works really well, and is fully used?

MeetMax solution: Meetmax's 1x1 meeting platform can be configured to run the exact meeting program you need. As an example, each side could be constrained to meet only companies from the other side. Or VIP participants can be empowered to have meeting requests automatically confirmed. Or you can seek only untimed requests, and moderate all the meetings yourself to get the best distribution of meetings.

Powerful moderator tools let you intervence where necessary. See how many meetings companies have, fill in the gaps in schedules with meetings created from matching profiles. Spot companies slow to participate, and reach out to nudge them. Send out schedules ahead of time for complete transparency. Schedule printing kiosks onsite keep all the meetings on track.

Measure the results


Challenge: We'd like to track the satisfaction of the participating companies.

MeetMax solution: MeetMax allows each participant to rate each meeting, and complete a custom survey. We can even provide dedicate tablets on each meeting table to allow Partners to do this easily. Otherwise, both Licensees and Licensors can use the MeetMax App.

The questions on the feedback survey from can be different for Licensees and Licensors, and can be questions that let them capture useful information for themselves, as well as data that indicates how well the meeting went.

The results are easily available in downloadable reports. As admnistrator, you can track which participants have filled out surveys fr all, some or none of their meetings, and gently nudge them with emails or App notifications.

Marketing the Event


Challenge: We are not event marketing experts. How can MeetMax help us market the event?

MeetMax solution: We can provide multiple ways of helping you markting the event. If you use email marketing - we can create a dedicated email account for you, help design elegant invites, and let you communicate directly with prospective participants.

MeetMax is very knowledgeable about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay per Cick) if you need help and advice about setting up and tracking online marketing programs using Google Adwords, Tag Manager and Analytics. Allow MeetMax to create a home page for the event, a dedicated domain name and use online marketing beyond what you are doing now.

Make this Easy


Challenge: You do one of these a year. You may not be professional Event Planners. This needs to be easy.

MeetMax solution: MeetMax can provide your entire registration platform for the event - registration forms, payment, profiles on partners, 1x1 meetings, the event App, and onsite badging and signage.

A single platform means you won't be wasting time with multiple vendors, moving data from one platform to another, testing the App separately from the main website.

You can even use our MeetMax Connect service to set up the site, run the meetings program, and oversee onsite badging - so you can apply your precious time to work with key VIP participants.

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