Hosted Buyer Meetings

MeetMax is used by many organization running Hosted Buyer Meetings. These are events where carefuly selected buyers in a specific industry category are chosen via a rigorous application process, and incented to participate through VIP treatment, elegant locations and subsidized travel. p>

Buyers get the opportunity to meet prospective suppliers in a tightly scheduled program of meetings that efficiently uses their time to learn about new products and vendors. Suppliers get the opprtuntity to access Buyers they might otherwise find it hard to gain access to, to promote new products and services.

1x1 Meetings are the heart of such events, and experienced hosts take pains to learn the interests and needs of both Buyers and Suppliers, and then curate a meeting schedule for each that maximizes the value of the program for them.

MeetMax has everything you need to help you run a superior Hosted Buyer Meeting - with custom registration forms, a 1x1 meetings administration offering automation of request scheduling, creation of meetings from profile interests, and detailed manual control over each schedule.

The Best 1x1 Platform


Challenge: In scheduling 1x1 Meetings, we need to combine efficiency, flexibility and detailed control over each participant's final schedule.

MeetMax solution: MeetMax has the market leading platform for 1x1 Meetings. Choose from any of the following ways of running a program, and even use them in combination.

Allow each side to request the other anonymously - based on rich profiles for each participant. Use automation to schedule meetings from these requests - prioritizing mutaual requests, then Buyer requests then seller requests.

Allow each side to describe themselves, and the type of meeting they are seeking, via their profile. Match interests, and create meetings between parties with common interests. This saves time for participants, and maximizes the value of the host in curating schedules.

Allow Buyers and Suppliers to request each other, and to directly respond to requests they receive with approval or declines. This maxmizes the control of the participants, and allows the host to focus on filling in gaps in schedues.

Measure the Meeting Value


Challenge: We want feedback on meetings from both Buyers and Suppliers, so we can measure how well we are doing in matching them, and learn for the future.

MeetMax solution: MeetMax allows each participant to rate each meeting, and complete a custom survey. We can even provide dedicate tablets on each meeting table to allow Buyers to do this easily. Otherwise, both Buyers and Suppliers can use the MeetMax App.

The questions on the feedback survey from can be different for Buyers and Suppliers, and can be questions that let them capture useful information for themselves, as well as data that indicates how well the meeting went.

The results are easily available in downloadable reports. As admnistrator, you can track which participants have filled out surveys fr all, some or none of their meetings, and gently nudge them with emails or App notifications.

Finding the Buyers


Challenge: The Buyer application process is the key to the whole event. How can we improve this?

MeetMax solution: Combine elegant Buyer invitations, with rigorous application forms, and a formal approval process.

Attracting the right Buyers is always the key to running the successful Hosted Buyer meeting. Before anything else, fine tuning the correct incentive package is something hosts learn though experience. But MeetMax can help market the program to Buyers to make the job easier.

A well-designed email invitation, describing the event, the opportunity and the benefits is the perfect way to reach out to prospective Buyers. Use MeetMax to track open and clicks.

Use the application form to include questions that will allow you to easily make approval decisions. Buying role, budget, recent purchases, upcoming purchases, buying interests - these are questions that will inform you about the Buyers - and later inform Suppliers when t comes to making meeting requests.

The MeetMax Approval feature means that all applications arrive as pending - and requires a formal approval by the Host. The act of approving or declining generates an email that you can customize for each applicant.

Stay Ahead


Challenge: We are always looking for new features to stay ahead of competitors.

MeetMax solution: MeetMax is contantly expanding its services, looking for innovative features for event planners.

Onsite - a self-service print kiosk lets partipants get instant access to their current meeting schedule. If meetings change onsite - its an easy way for attendees to use their badge to get a printed copy of the latest version.

MeetMax App - the app can be used for registration, profile completion and meeting requests. Onsite, though, if you are still making last minute changes to schedules - MeetMax allows every change in a meeting (adds, changes, cancels) to be sent as an App notification to maximize the chance of being seen.

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