Cannabis-themed Conferences

MeetMax has been used by a variety of Client to run Cannabis-themed events. MeetMax is an excellent system for running industry-focused conferences, trade shows and events, and cannabis-themed events have grown dramatically in the past couple of years.

The Cannabis sector is rapidly changing with state laws evolving, the product marketing of CBD and THS products exploding, the banking and finance envirnment offering complex challenges, an investment appetite from private equity and venture capital funds, international development in Canada and Europe, and developments in agriculture and sourching.

With this growth has come a vast number of conferences and trade shows helping to inform the market, introduce vendors, conenct investors and much more. There is a wide spectrum of events - from retail-oriented trade shows at one end, showing new products to the trade, to finance-oriented events at the other end, where institutional investment funds meet firms with novel approaches to the market.

MeetMax has everything you need to help you run a unique conference in the Cannabis sector - with the registration, floorplan, App, and the precise 1x1 meetings program you need.

Compete with the best


Challenge: We do a very different type of event in order to stand out. Can MeetMax handle our type of event?

MeetMax solution: Many events in the Events and Travel industry choose a niche or subset of the market, rather than competing head-on with a broad focus. They may choose a regional focus, and focus on just product, or investment, or sourcing, or a focus on law and regulations. What MeetMax provides is the platform to help compete on whatever features you need to compete - marketing site, registraitons forms, floorplan, payment, App, lead retrieval and tracking, webcasting, signage.

MeetMax has powered Cannabis events with complex forms, Exhibitor registration, presentations and sessions, and sophisticated meeting programs. However you choose you complete, MeetMax can help you succeed.

Promote your Exhibitors


Challenge: Make sure your Exhibitors get value from your show.

MeetMax solution: MeetMax offers many ways to help the Exhibitor use the show to promote their products.

Exhibitor registration allows them to choose their booth from our floor plan, create a really elegant profile highlighting their product gallery, latest news, and add their attendees directly into the same system used by Attendees.

They can participate in a real 1x1 Meeting program - and find new customers by doing all their meeting scheduling ahead of time - not leaving it to chance onsite.

Onsite, the MeetMax App helps their booth to be discovered by attendees, promotes their profile, and the MeetMax lead retrieval App lets exhibitors capture leads.

Everything you need

All in One

Challenge: We want lots of features from our platform vendor - and the flexibility to change from event to event.

MeetMax solution: MeetMax can provide your entire registration platform for the event - registration forms, payment, floorplan. profiles on partners, 1x1 meetings, the event App, and onsite badging and signage.

A single platform means you won't be wasting time with multiple vendors, moving data from one platform to another, testing the App separately from the main website. With MeetMax, everything works together seamlessly.

Keep to a Budget


Challenge: Its a competitive market, we do not have a huge budget.

MeetMax solution: Using separate vendors for different aspects of your event will add substantially to your cost. A vendor for registration, another for the App, another for the 1x1 Meeting Program, perhaps another for badging and lead retrieval.

This is expensive in multiple ways - each vendor will charge for set up and event management. You will send more time managing multiple vendors. You have the problem of moving data form one vendor to another. You are logging in to multiple vendors for reports.

MeetMax help you keep costs down. By providing a complete service, account and data management are minimized. Allow us to provide lead retrieval, and perhaps even a handling fee for attendees - and you have reduced your costs still further.

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